Ben Wahab

Chief Financial Officer/RMO

Ben Wahab serves as the Chief Financial Officer and Responsible Managing Officer of Shangri-La Construction. Ben directs and manages all corporate finance and accounting operations and as RMO/Qualifier, works in partnership with the executive team by supervising field and internal operations for the purpose of accelerating company growth and developing a performance culture among our group of diverse and talented people.

Ben began his construction career in Saudi Arabia as a Project Manager for Saudi Letco where he was led two major projects for his Royal Highness Prince Sultan Bin Abdul-Aziz. Upon successfully delivering an $80 million dollar project in Taif, Ben was charged to oversee the construction of a royal palace in Jeddah - a 24 building compound spanning over one square kilometer. Ben was also a Managing Director of the planning and construction of the new City of Jeddah, a 5000 residential unit compound consisting of single family dwellings and multi-story buildings.

Upon returning to California, Ben became a licensed mortgage originator in over a dozen states. Ben spent over 12 years in the real estate finance and investment field and held various sales and management positions at First Plus Financial, GMAC, Aames and Option One Mortgage. Ben originated a full spectrum of loans on both the retail and wholesale level gaining a unique insight into complex financial structures and secondary loan markets.

Ben received a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and Soil Mechanics from California State University at Long Beach.

“Behind every successful company is a group of hard working individuals aiming toward a common vision of organizational objectives and accomplishments for the purpose of achieving greatness and success. I am proud to be a part of this group.”