Andy Meyers

Chief Executive Officer and Owner

Andy Meyers serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Owner of Shangri-La Construction. He is among the founders who formed the company in 2008 as a fresh, pioneering response to the shortcomings they experienced firsthand as clients in the construction industry.

As Chief Executive Officer and Owner, Andy upholds SLC’s vision and purpose, builds culture, provides appropriate resources and oversees and delivers the company's performance. Under his leadership and business strategy, SLC has rapidly grown into a top contractor in the Southern California market. His commitment to building lasting partnerships has resulted in long-term alliances with individuals and institutions that have unique, multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience that benefit SLC’s clients and their respective projects.

Andy graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) with a Bachelor of Arts degree. As an accomplished student athlete in UCLA’s prestigious football program, he was honored as a two-time All-PAC 10 Guard, Third Team All-American, Academic All-PAC 10 and Academic All-District. Andy also played for the Buffalo Bills in the National Football League.

“Building great projects starts with building great partnerships with quality developers, owners, design teams, and subcontractors. We work to fully understand the commitment to building a project and, with an innovative curiosity, we build a space that exemplifies functionality, captivates imagination, is enlivened with the spirit of our partner’s brand."