UCLA Architecture and Urban Design Studio

Playa Vista, California

The UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design (AUHD) Studio or SUPRASTUDIO, is located at the Hercules Campus in Playa Vista, approximately 20 minutes south of UCLA’s Westwood campus. Originally created by the visionary business magnate Howard Hughes to build the historic Hercules “Spruce Goose” aircraft, the campus now serves as a new Southern California hub for innovation with tenants including Google/YouTube, select leaders in tech and emerging media, and a changing roster of high production Hollywood films that have included Avatar, Star Trek, and Transformers. As the new home for SUPRASTUDIO, the Hercules Campus facilitates more intensive collaboration with partners from adjacent industries.

Housed in one of the historic hangars, improvements spanning 4,940 square feet include insulation, garage doors, drywall, paint, lighting and finishes. The installation of industrial fans provide for heat destratification and summer cooling to promote energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Shangri-La facilitated the installation of the robotic features that enable the students to look at how technology and robotics can change not just how buildings are made, but to investigate the integration of advanced technologies into the next generation of architecture and urban design. The students have access to four robots: two 150kg payload Kuka robots--the largest industrial robots employed at any college campus in the United States--and two smaller Kuka Agilus robots with a payload capacity of 6kg each.

Square Footage: 
4,940 SF
Market Sector: